Our approaches

Our approaches

The following process illustrates how we partner with you and use systematic thinking and engagement to enable your organisation to move forward from wherever you are:

Firstly we gather and organise diverse data with stakeholder meetings and leading edge surveys. We gather information on both the visible and the less 'visible' aspects of individual, team and organisational life. 


Secondly we help you make sense of your data so you develop a shared understanding of ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ through meaningful dialogue.

Thirdly, within your organisation, we create shared and meaningful commitment to implementation and the development journey by jointly designing a purposeful route map with clear priorities and activities.

Fourthly we deliver interventions in partnership with you. Our art is working in your reality and being able to adapt the journey to move skilfully towards your intended purpose. We recognise the journey will at times be smooth and at other times will be choppy. Both smooth and choppy seas give us vital cultural and systemic information we can build into future interventions.

Excellent speakers and very eye opening from a psychological perspective.

David Cook, AIG