AIG - Case study

AIG - Case study









Four level Transformational Leadership and Culture Change Programme


In their competitive environment, AIG recognised the need for a fundamental change in their leadership culture in order to combine the needs of achieving results and engaging and developing people.  From the very start MaST worked with AIG to create a sophisticated integrated programme across all levels of management.


Together we built momentum through innovative branding, preview events and the creation of a pragmatic framework for ‘Transforming Leadership’.  We are currently running programmes at their four leadership levels (Start, Middle, Senior and the Board).  The programmes consist of three, two day modules with focused application in-between modules.


We have jointly observed significant pragmatic changes in the organisation and in individuals as a result of the programme so far.  We recently reported these to the board who confirmed that the programme had added value across AIG.  The findings matched their own experience since the programme and their observations of leaders in the business:


  • Increased cross functional working
  • Enhanced communication of strategic plans
  • Evidence of application of specific models and tools
  • A more consistent view of what AIG leadership involves


MaST has trained 190-200 managers per year on this range of programmes.  The programme then evolved to cover their Western and Eastern European regions.





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