EDF Generation - Case study

EDF Generation - Case study

EDF Generation









Strategic Leadership and Talent Consultancy


With the huge changes due in the way electricity is produced and marketed, this radical project was to ensure Leaders and Managers in this division are fit for purpose and are equal to the future business challenges in a changing market place.


There were numerous business challenges facing EDF Generation, such as falling electricity prices, greater competition and the move towards the de-commissioning of ageing nuclear plants. MaST was invited to revisit their leadership and talent strategy to ensure that their leaders are prepared and skilled to deliver optimal operations as well as driving the future in a purposeful way that engages all staff.


MaST proposed a four step approach which would also develop the HR community, to ultimately spearhead any agreed change process.


  1. Write a joint paper, with HR, to the CEO and Directors to describe the current threats and opportunities to the business which would be the beginning of a stakeholder engagement strategy.

  2. Interview 42 key stakeholders nationwide including the executive, station directors, and plant managers. The outcomes would be mapped onto a four box model (eliminate, raise, reduce, create) forming a heat map that highlights areas of attention.

  3. Benchmark the current offering on leadership and talent with 12 major organisations, most of which would be MaST clients, past or present to see where EDF were behind, on a par with or ahead of organisations, both national and international, before they embark on a process of change.

  4. Re-design the suite of current leadership offering and talent approaches.  Introduce modular approach to learning with the emphasis on practical application, versus theoretical concepts.


Leadership: Course content changed to reflect the future, some courses stopped, shorter, more focussed events and residential costs reduced significantly.

Talent: Assessment centres re-designed, new approaches of Performance Management, and creation of ‘green field’ approach to talent development.





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