Guinness Partnership - Case study

Guinness Partnership - Case study

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Change Management


Following a number of acquisitions of smaller Housing Trusts, Guinness Partnership, embarked on a series of Managing Change workshops for Managers to support the integration into a larger entity.  Government policy had also changed; no longer was Government central funding guaranteeing cash flow for the Partnership.  Rent now had to be collected directly from the tenants and staff had concerns about having to collect payments.  For everyone the culture had to change towards a commercial focus from a charitable emphasis.


MaST was chosen, as the preferred supplier, to assist that internal transition, from a comfortable supportive environment to a more challenging and uncertain one.  The ‘bottom line’ had come sharply into focus in the minds of managers and their teams.


MaST designed and ran a series of workshops on Managing Change at different office locations across the county.  Actors were a key part of the one day session, to bring the scenarios to life in a powerful way.


The main objective of the workshop was to enable Managers to concentrate on what they could control in a changing work environment.  Participants looked at their own readiness for change and the reasons for naturally resisting a new situation.  The actors then modelled each stage of the change curve (from shock through to problem solving) using Guinness Partnership real situations to add to the drama.  Actors then improvised re-runs of the same scenarios with coaching from the participants.  The atmosphere was emotionally charged!  Later in the day, participants worked in smaller groups to practise optional approaches to probable, upcoming live scenarios for themselves, with actors and the MaST facilitator adding pertinent feedback.


Over 50 middle and senior Managers now had a framework to tackle difficult situations and their confidence had been elevated to face a different future. 


Each group selected a co-ordinator which then created a 7 person action learning group to meet and communicate with the whole group on regular intervals.  The learning from the workshops was alive and motivating, and applied across the organisation.





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