Peabody - Case study

Peabody - Case study







Evolving the leadership culture for future growth


Peabody is a housing trust going through major changes in terms of growth and structure. They were keen to:

  • shape the leadership culture of the organisation in line with the business plan, vision and values 
  • build the  leadership  and management capability of its 200 managers


Defining the leadership cultureUsing our unique leadership Circle Cultural survey we engaged leaders at all levels in the organisation in an exploration of the current leadership culture (both effective and limiting behaviours).  This increased awareness became the context for developing a value based vision of the leadership culture based on the actual values of the Leadership Team and the 200 leaders in the organisation.


Team engagement with the leadership culture – We worked with intact business teams to generate greater local commitment. MaST ran workshops for each team in the organisation to personalise the leadership values themes at both a group and individual level.


At each level these workshops enabled people to understand the cultural themes and their relevance.  Each group identified shared values and precise actions and actions that will enhance their performance as individuals and teams. The events fostered a real sense of belonging and purpose.


Skills development programmes – We developed and ran a Leadership programme, so as to embed the leadership themes and the new leadership styles. This supported the organisations shift from a top down formal led hierarchy to one of collaborative business partnering and coaching.


Vital shifts in relation to change agility and partnering ‘One Peabody’ – Over the last two years Peabody has merged with three organisations.  Through this values based culture change project we have seen the story around partnership change in a very healthy direction.  Partnership organisations are now seen for all the value they bring, their individuality, their unique offering.  This was previously not the case and was a huge energy drain for all parties involved and seriously limited the adaptability of the organisation for the future.


We are continuing work with the executive team facilitating in 2016 both development and translating strategy to action.  More recently we have developed a bespoke 360 feedback survey centred around the Leadership themes and coupled this with a powerful online action planning tool to help embed behaviours. 


Recently IIP formally recognised the value of our work and its significant impact over the last two years on their cultural change.


We were also able to undertake a Leadership cultural survey to compare results with the start of the project. The report showed a significant uplift in positive Leadership behaviours and a decrease in reactive tendencies. This all bodes well for the organisations future.   






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