Validius (Talbot Underwriting) - Case study

Validius (Talbot Underwriting) - Case study









Development of the IT Global Leadership Team


The business places a lot of demands on the IT function and needs it to be highly effective so as to achieve the organisations ambitions. The IT function being split across three separate businesses and several geographical locations (Europe, Bermuda and North America) looked to join itself up rather than duplicate work by operating in independent silos.


The incoming CIO wanted to compliment her inspiring vision by taking her senior team through the Lencioni principles of team effectiveness.


We designed and delivered a team development workshop for each of the sites mostly built around the Lencioni model, but it also incorporated a wide variety of tools from various methodologies. We used the SDI personality / behavioural tool and we used a communication patterns model to facilitate high quality conversations between people.


A large part of the workshop was dedicated to develop the foundational pillar of trust.


Following on from the training we developed four follow up Action learning events to embed the learning. The learning took place online with the various sites being split up so as to create better interdependent relationships. These sessions were short and punchy 90 minute get togethers.


At the same time we delivered a webinar workshop to the general IT population in Canada to help them to become familiar with the Lencioni language.  


Each month we tracked performance against 4 measures for each of the 5 Lencioni behaviours. For the vast majority of behaviours there was a month on month improvement in the measures. At the same time each site reported an increase in trust, and across the Global sites meetings were recorded as being more effective and duplication of work had greatly diminished.       






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