‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

Strategy is vital to personal and organisational success.  But very often we strategise and plan to do our best to perform at the highest levels without paying attention to values and culture.

This is largely because we haven’t realised that we need to.

Numerous highly rigorous studies demonstrate that cultural development is of equal importance if not greater importance than developing a strategic plan. For example, in a study of over 100 companies over an eight year period at the Aston Business School, Mike West discovered that organisational strategy accounted for 2 % of performance variability, whereas organisational culture accounted for 17% of performance variability (The Power of Culture: Driving Today’s Organisations).

Some therefore say ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ (quote attributed to Peter Drucker)

We are not for one moment suggesting that we don’t need strategy to achieve our strategic objectives… however we believe that:

‘Even with the best business strategy in the world an organisation will underperform without a supporting and an aligned organisational culture. The culture needs to focus and harness people’s behaviours, relationships and decisions to achieve the company’s objectives. Leaders in business today need to be primarily focused on the effective alignment of the company culture to the organisations strategy and structure.’

Whilst Strategy is important to bottom line success, so is developing a healthy internal culture.