MaST Business Forum - Working with Values

MaST Business Forum - Working with Values

With the need for both security and growth, how can values improve team effectiveness and engagement?


Wednesday 13th November 2013

Novotel Tower Hill, London

Knowing your personal values and the team’s values creates an extraordinary foundation for optimizing both personal, team and organisational performance and agility.

Join us to explore and experience how we work with teams to help them to:


  • Gain increasing clarity on the priorities they are acting on and the impact of these choices on the results and climate they create


  • Motivate and engage individuals and the team as a whole


  • Build relationships and partner more effectively with different stakeholder groups (different departments, customers, shareholders, suppliers etc)


  • Reprioritise to meet the needs of employees and customers and deliver the business plan effectively

This Forum will appeal to CEOs, business leaders, organisational development specialists, engagement officers and anyone responsible for developing performance, talent and teams.


We trust you will benefit from the opportunity to discuss the practical application of values at work within the context of the real complexities and challenges of team life.

Complementary consultations


Our consultants will be available afterwards to discuss any key issues and opportunities that you may have on this topic. If you would like to talk to us about this or any other requirements that you have, you can book a short appointment with us on the day by contacting