MaST Business Forum


Here is where you will find the latest news and forthcoming events from MaST.

MaST’s Business Forums

Each year MaST host several free Business Forums which provide an opportunity for HR, managers and business leaders from all parts of the business, to join us.

During the Forums you will be encouraged to:


  • Current issues with your peers in other companies
  • Leading edge thinking 

  • How other organisations deal with issues and resolve similar challenges
  • New ideas, hot topics and best practices in other organisations
  • Networking opportunities with peers in both similar and different sectors to your own

  • The challenges you are facing, both individually and as an organisation with professional consultants
  • Ways to achieve your business objectives through L&D, and maximising the performance of your people

Contact If you would like to register your interest for any of our Forums, please contact Nikki Gardner on +44 (0) 1628 784942 or by email

MaST Business Forum

Our next Business Forum in London will be announced shortly.