MaST Business Forum - Leading Change - Are we getting the mix of Cold Reason and Hot Emotion right?


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MaST Business Forum - Leading Change - Are we getting the mix of Cold Reason and Hot Emotion right?

Thursday, 5 October, 2017

Novotel Tower Bridge, London


We all know the statistics.  Change initiatives only deliver about 30% of what organisations want from them.  At MaST, our recent OD consultancy experience is telling us why organisations continue to underperform with change initiatives and what to do about it.  At this event, we will share with you both our analysis and our practical programme for developing people to lead change in your business.


We will explore with you how:


  • Cold reason alone does not excite people to do something different
  • Hot emotion can provoke high anxiety, resistance and even paralysis
  • Leaders can use both reason and emotion positively to transform colleagues into advocates for change and implementers of it


We will share techniques to help leaders to:


  • Clarify purpose
  • Transform working relationships


and use five, brain-friendly questions to plan, communicate and implement a change initiative.


This event will appeal to leaders and development specialists responsible for supporting change and change leadership and creating a positive work environment.  You will meet people with similar challenges, experience lively discussion and take home some practical techniques.


Registration from 8.30am          Forum session 9.00am - 11.30am



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