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Find the untapped potential in your workforce


Optimise the untapped potential in your workforce by building on their technical and interpersonal skills.


Real success in today’s business environment depends on a range of skills. Not only do your staff need to perform their technical roles but they also need to be able to influence clients, strategise their own career paths and develop every element of their skillset – all leading to optimal business outcomes for your organisation.


Priority management - to help you stay on top of increasingly busy schedules

Strategies for influencing - optimise your influence over both junior and senior colleagues

Negotiating skills - get a good deal for your business and your client, including customer advocacy

Difficult conversations - handle conflict situations with junior and senior colleagues

Presentation skills - – present ideas with confidence and impact, in formal meetings and informal discussions

Managing myself learn to embrace and drive positive change

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Accenture Case Study

Multi Skills Programme for Analysts

The task: Reduce level of attrition amongst analysts in their 2nd and 3rd year, to retain talented individuals – and improve analysts’ presentation skills.

The product: MaST collaborated with Accenture to create a programme called ‘Human Connection’, to improve presentation delivery, increase confidence and strengthen communication skills – in order to optimise rapport with clients and other stakeholders.

The results: Accenture has reported that their staff are equipped to work more effectively and feel more valued by the organisation due to its commitment to their development. The programme has led to the greater retention of talent - affording the organisation a greater choice of high calibre analysts who are equipped with more effective communication skills, to promote to consultant and manager level.

Diageo Case Study

Core Skills Programme

The task: Develop a partnership to manage core skills programmes, to remain aligned with evolving business needs – with minimal ongoing input from L&D team.

The product: MaST are now delivering 10 different courses in four British and Irish locations, as well as providing administrative support – these programmes have reached in excess of 10,000 participants. MaST provide additional help with planning schedules, using our knowledge of likely demand to ensure a seamless participant experience.

The result: Newly acquired business-critical skills are now applied rapidly back at work, supporting business growth.

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  • Other skills

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