Our solutions

Our solutions

Leadership Workshops enable networking across functions for leaders within the same organisation and external workshops allow the leader to engage across the boundaries of their own company. Generally these sessions require some coaching support after the event and MaST can provide that confidential service.


Management Development - a flexible suite of modules covering behaviours and activities that those new to management or with no formal training will find invaluable. The programme enables people to make the transition from individual contributor to manager. Once in a management position, MaST helps the individual progress through a series of management levels.


Leadership Team Facilitation and development enables leadership teams to fulfil their roles as leadership teams and develop their capacity to lead both now and in the future. In this context we are developing human, social and emotional capital to create a thriving leadership team.


Teams - a comprehensive and unique approach to supporting teams on their journey to become one of the major levers for change.  We have a transitional 4 stage model:  Developing individuals so they are successful team players; from team players to high performing team; from high performing team to leadership team; from leadership team to inter-dependent team.


Performance Management covers the generic points of performance management e.g. appraisals and reviews but often is focused on the clients process and how to use it effectively to change behaviours and motivation.


Executive Coaching is a powerful way of helping senior executives achieve the best results they want in their personal and professional lives. It helps them to deepen their skills, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life, without disrupting busy and crowded schedules.


Action Learning Sets - where 4-6 individuals come together, at periodic intervals, to improve their collective and individual development, by supporting and challenging each other on Organisational, Team or Individual tasks, projects, problems or dilemmas.  Technology also allows more regular contact for members through the web or Skype if geography is a barrier to face to face contact.  The bond between members can grow exponentially and we have experienced sets surviving for 10’s of years, even though some individuals have long since moved on from their respective parts of the original organisation.  Action Learning Sets can form an integral part of any Director’s drive to create the ‘Learning Organisation’.