MaST Business Forum - Inspiring Trust and Leading Others - Do we know which behaviours inspire others most?

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

Novotel Tower Bridge, London


In its 2016 global CEO survey PwC reported that 55% of CEOs think that a lack of trust is a threat to their organisation’s growth.  But most have done little to increase trust, mainly because they are unsure where to start.


MaST Business Forum - What is your 'corporate buzz'?

13th June 2017


To be successful in today’s complex business environment we need to be able to influence through both formal and informal routes.  How influential we are depends upon our reputation, or ‘corporate buzz’ with our stakeholders, internally and externally to our organisation.


MaST Learning and Development Event - Leading Innovation - How can we develop Leaders and Teams to think critically and creatively? - Summary

28th March 2017


In this event we shared how MaST consultants have worked with a variety of organisations on innovation and change.  In particular, we shared our observations of two striking patterns from a wealth of experiences with clients.  Namely, that leaders in client organisations often unintentionally either:


MaST Business Forum - Taking Leadership Development To The Next Level - Summary

15th March 2017


Facilitators: Sally Kleyn, Mark Mercer and Mark Hawkswell


The latest MaST Forum asked the question ‘If the Leadership landscape is increasingly complex, how are we developing our Leaders to meet this complexity?’.  A variation of the law of requisite variety (Ashby’s Law) states that our capacity to think must be at least as complex as the environment we are facing, otherwise we are doomed to failure.

MaST Business Forum - Performance Conversations - How do we get real engagement in the performance discussion? - Summary

5th October 2016


The latest MaST Forum invited senior leaders and managers to explore how to engage both line managers and their direct reports in the crucial area of ongoing performance conversations.


The Forum set out to answer the following questions:


MaST Business Forum - Engagement, Values and Performance Surveys - How do you interpret what they are really saying? - Summary

14th June 2016


The latest MaST Forum invited a select group of managers to take a critical look at how staff surveys and questionnaires are used in their organisation. Peter Hutton, a researcher and author who has spent 40 years in the research industry, explained the importance of being absolutely clear about the main purpose and objectives of any survey before embarking on it.


MaST Business Forum - Psychological Safety - Is this the new ‘must have’ for high accountability organisations? - Summary

11th May 2016


Our innovative Forum in the North West explored the need for innovation and the challenge that this can be for safety conscious and reliability focused organisations.  The language of accountability is essential.  MaST work extensively with complex organisations which face the challenge of combining ‘Safe Systems of Work’ with a demanding and fast changing work environment.  ‘Accountability’ can be a ‘two edged sword’!  The Forum explored:


Is there an 'I' in teams?

Most of us will be familiar with the term ‘there is no ‘I’ in teams’. This statement is certainly not without merit. We all at some point will have been a member of a team where there is a constant battle between several prominent ‘I’s’ and perhaps you were one of them. I am also guilty as charged.


Competing can feel good


MaST Business Forum - Why do leaders struggle to solve complex business challenges? - Summary

2nd March 2016


The latest MaST Forum provided senior managers and L&D executives the time and space to consider the type of problems that leaders face today, especially the most demanding of all - complexity.  Delegates discussed the kind of leadership needed to work effectively in different problem spaces.


What are the different types of problems?


MaST Business Forum - Performance Conversations - How do we include career development discussions in our regular performance conversations? - Summary

22nd September 2015


The latest MaST Forum invited senior leaders and managers to explore how to include career development conversations in ongoing performance discussions.


The Forum set out to answer the following questions:



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