Our solutions

Our solutions

Please find below a summary of many of the programmes we can provide. Typically they are one or two days long, and many MaST clients will have tailored variants to meet their particular needs and populations. We also offer two-hour short sessions known as 'Fast Track' modules for key elements around some of these subjects.

Call or email us to find out how we can tailor programmes for you and your organisation.

Coaching and Developing Others

Enhance your skill at identifying individual development needs and coaching others to develop and find their own solutions.


Presentation Skills

For new or infrequent presenters wanting to build confidence in both delivery style and structure.  This can be from Introductory to Advanced.


Strategies for Influencing

Managing key stakeholders to create networks and relationships which help develop more influential positions across organisational boundaries. For understanding Organisational Politics and developing an ethical approach we offer ‘Organisational Savvy’.


Business Writing

Prepare clear and impactful emails, letters and reports (non-technical). Assumes grammatical competence and therefore can be preceded by ‘Effective English’ if required.


Effective Team Working

Extraordinary teams focus on creating an environment that will enhance their work and bring out the best in each person. To achieve this, teams need to set expectations for and review task clarity (what), task process (how) and finally people engagement (who).



Ideal for those looking to develop their skills at creating and delivering interactive memorable training events.


Speed Reading

Helps individuals deal with the ever growing volumes of reading by increasing their reading speed and comprehension.

Negotiating Skills

For negotiating with external and internal parties when it is vital to achieve what you want but not at the expense of the relationship with the other person.  This 3-angled approach aims to build capability in terms of understanding and practising the negotiating process, behaviours and attitudes.  

Organisational Astuteness

Helping individuals develop a more 'Savvy' but ethical approach to organisation networks and politics.  Learning to manage stakeholders, and navigate the hidden score card.


Priority Management

A pragmatic workshop to change the way you manage yourself for improved efficiency and effectiveness at work. We will develop strategies for your situation and context. This improved effectiveness will greatly improve the results you create at work.


Selection Interviewing

How to interview effectively, using systematic questioning and where applicable, a competency framework. Understanding employment and diversity legislation. Compliance for financial services can also be included.


Conflict Management

Understand conflict triggers and develop strategies and behaviours to manage conflict situations. Can be supported by a number of psychometric diagnostics e.g. MBTI, TKI.


Assertive and Confident Communication

For those who want to develop their confidence to make themselves better heard and understood.


Relationship Management

How to provide excellent service to either internal or external stakeholders and how to develop and deepen these relationships.