MaST’s Business Forum: “Performance Conversations…”

Effective "Performance Conversations" are the cornerstone to building engaging, motivating and trusting relationships that in turn deliver excellent business results.

The way we prepare for and engage in these conversations is critical to our success as a Manager or Leader.  This is because our personal leadership style, behaviours and intentions are experienced by others through these interactions. 

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MaST Business Forum: June 2013 Creating an Influencing Strategy in Complex and Challenging Times

MaST Business Forum:  June 2013

Creating an Influencing Strategy in Complex and Challenging Times

It’s “People” that are the Problem…and the Solution…!


During these complex and challenging times, it is tempting to focus only on pressing tasks, and relationships that offer immediate results.  This can lead to us not paying sufficient attention to developing longer term influencing strategies that are likely to reap greater, more sustainable results.


MaST’s Leadership Business Forum: Collaborating and creating new possibilities together

Tips from our February Forum on Leadership


Collective wisdom and experience of 20 Business leaders along with a thought provoking journey from MaST consultants, provided rich food for thought.


What  might it be like if our leaders were more aware of unconscious personal and cultural images of leadership that, by sticking to, are holding them back from realising their full potential?


Six top insights from the Forum that may help you in your next step of leadership growth


MaST's Business Forum on Change

Learning to Change: Increasing the acceptance of change by using the latest brain-friendly techniques

How do we help make change and learning easier?

This was the question that drew a large audience to the most recent Business Forum in London. 25 leaders responsible for their staff’s development came from sectors ranging from investment banks and retail, to the public sector. Delegates engaged in discussion about neuroscience and brain-friendly techniques, shared their own challenges, and explored ways to significantly increase the acceptance of change.

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

Strategy is vital to personal and organisational success.  But very often we strategise and plan to do our best to perform at the highest levels without paying attention to values and culture.

This is largely because we haven’t realised that we need to.

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