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We believe people and relationships are at the heart of business success.

We enable you to develop your organisation’s own unique culture where people feel safe to innovate, build and thrive. An organisation to which people feel proud to belong.


The need to solve today’s immediate situation can sometimes become habitual and block purposeful strategy or the capacity to build future capability and develop a dynamic culture. We can provide the solutions to enable you to upgrade and optimise your organisation’s culture for the future.


Strategic Thinking – develop strategic priorities in the context of your market

Culture and Values - how to develop your culture and values in a fast-changing business environment to ensure your organisation thrives

The Change Initiative – optimise visualisation and engagement within your organisation, to help you implement challenging cultural shifts and developments.

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AIG Case study

Four level Transformational Leadership and Culture Change Programme

The task: Fundamental change needed in leadership culture – to achieve business objectives while engaging and developing staff in the process.

The product: From the very start MaST worked with AIG to create a sophisticated, integrated programme across all levels of management. Together we built momentum through innovative branding, preview events and the creation of a pragmatic framework for ‘Transforming Leadership’. We are currently running programmes at their four leadership levels (Start, Middle, Senior and the Board). The programmes consist of three two-day modules, with focused application in between modules. MaST has trained 190-200 managers per year on this range of programmes. The programme then evolved to cover their Western and Eastern European regions.

The results: the board confirmed that the programme has added value across AIG in terms of:-

  • Increased cross-functional working
  • Enhanced communication of strategic plans
  • Evidence of application of specific models and tools
  • A more consistent view of what AIG leadership involves

EDF Case Study

Strategic Leadership and Talent Consultancy

The task: Ensure leaders and managers are fit for purpose, able to engage with staff and equal to future business challenges in a changing marketplace. Challenges include falling electricity prices, greater competition, and the move towards decommissioning ageing nuclear plants.

The product: MaST developed a 4 step approach:-

  1. Write a joint paper with HR, to the CEO and directors, to describe current threats and opportunities and to develop stakeholder engagement strategies.
  2. Interview 42 key stakeholders including the executive, station directors and plant managers. Map outcomes onto a 4-box model (eliminate, raise, reduce, create) – forming a ‘heat map’ that highlights areas for attention.
  3. Benchmark the current offering with 12 major organisations (mainly MaST clients) to see where EDF are behind/ on a par/ ahead of other national and international organisations.
  4. Redesign the suite of current leadership offerings and talent approaches. Introduce a modular approach to learning, with the emphasis on practical application versus theoretical concepts.

The results: Training course content changed to reflect the future - some courses stopped; shorter courses; more focused events; residential costs reduced significantly. Assessment centres redesigned; new approaches to Performance Management; creation of ‘green field’ approach to talent development.

  • Change management
  • Risk awareness
  • Organisational development
  • Engagement
  • Other skills

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